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Tooth Extractions & Root Canals in Ottawa

More extensive options may be recommended by our Ottawa dentist if your teeth are decayed or damaged. Extractions and Root Canals may be necessary to maintain your oral health.

Extractions, Root Canals, Ottawa Dentist

General Extractions

Our dentist offers tooth removals/extractions, including wisdom teeth removal.

Why might a tooth extraction be recommended?

Dentists may recommend a tooth extraction if a tooth infection is damaging the surrounding bone or is causing you pain or discomfort. Your dentist will discuss with you to determine whether or not a removal is necessary

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions may be necessary if a wisdom tooth is impacted or is infected.

When do I need to remove my wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are often removed if they are causing pain or discomfort in your jaw, gums and/or teeth in the surrounding area.

What are impacted wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth are unable to fully erupt. This inability to fully break through the gums can lead to bacteria and food getting trapped which causes decay, infection and pain.

Root Canals

We offer endodontic procedures, such as root canal therapy, to our dental patients in Central Ottawa.

Why get root canal therapy?

Your tooth may be infected on the inside.

Because this type of infection can not clear up on its own or with antibiotics, we may recommend root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy removes the infection and prevents spreading to nearby tissues, such as your gums.

What happens during root canal therapy?

Your infected tooth pulp will be removed from your tooth during root canal therapy.

The canals are cleaned, and then are filled with a durable material to prevent the tooth from getting re-infected.

Teeth that have been root canal treated sometimes require a crown to strengthen the tooth.

Ask your dentist if root canal therapy is part of your treatment plan.

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