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Dental Services for Families

Families are always welcome at Hog's Back Dental Centre in Ottawa. We believe that an early start to regular health care and visits to the dentist are important for your children to grow up with healthy smiles.

Their First Visit

It's important for the first visit to be a positive experience for your child. It is recommended that you show your child that visiting the dentist is normal, interesting and pleasant.

We ask that you bring your child in for their first appointment at age 1 or when their first teeth start to appear.

Our Practice

We may be able to accommodate multiple family members at one time. Please ask us about our appointment. At these appointments, we will make sure to check your children's teeth for cavities, as well as teach them how to brush and floss his or her teeth.

To help keep their smiles safe, we also offer dental appliances to help protect children's teeth during sports. 

Tips for Healthy Smiles

  • Floss Daily: Daily flossing is necessary because it cleans where the toothbrush can't - between teeth and below the gum line.
  • Get Them Interested: Counting teeth is a fun way to get your child interested in his or her own dental development.
  • Eat Right: Dairy products (milk, cheese and yogurt) are great sources of calcium. Calcium is important for healthy teeth and bones. 
  • Brush in the AM and PM: Kids should be brushing their teeth before bed and in the morning. This is important for dental health and for instilling good habits.

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