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Recently Moved? 3 Steps to Change Your Dentist

Posted Aug 2nd, 2016

Recently Moved? 3 Steps to Change Your Dentist

The dentists at Hog’s Back Dental Centre are welcoming new patients. If you are new to the Ottawa area, we can be your new family dentists. Ask us today how to become a patient at Hog’s Back Dental Centre.

You may need to change your dentist if you have recently moved, have changed jobs, or would like a new dental experience. The good news is that the dentists at Hog’s Back Dental Centre are here for you.

We will handle the transfer of records and medical information. All you need to do is book an initial appointment.

Step 1: Call Hog’s Back Dental Centre to schedule a consultation appointment

Step 2: With your permission, we will call your old dentist and move over your dental records

Step 3: Come in for your initial consultation. We may perform an overall oral health exam and provide you with a customized treatment plan.

We offer a complimentary first visit for you to come see the office. If you have children, we can provide you with a kid-friendly tour. We will show your kids the fun areas of the office, and make them feel at home during their visit. Then you can decide if our practice is right for you.

How to find a dentist office:

You may be new to the area and not know where to start! Here are some places that you can look for more information to find a dentist that fits your personality:

  1. Online search
  2. Ask a neighbour
  3. Social Media
  4. Local businesses

Moving can be hard, but changing dentists doesn’t have to be. Ask the professionals at Hog’s Back Dental Centre if you are interested in visiting our dental practice in Ottawa.

How do I get my kid to brush his or her teeth?

Moms – do you have questions about your kid’s dental care, like how to get them to brush their teeth?

We have the answers! Contact the team at Hog’s Back Dental Centre in Ottawa to book an initial consultation for your whole family.

Making decisions about your child’s oral health care can be challenging. How often should they brush? What do I do if they give me a hard time about visiting the dentist?

Follow our 5 step guide to help support the healthy development of your child’s oral health.

  1. Make oral health care fun – associate a song, or a fun activity with teeth brushing time. Making it seem like a chore may make it harder for them to enjoy and develop healthy habits. Watch a video with your child that demonstrates how their favourite cartoons brush their teeth too!
  2. Get them excited about their teeth – show them a video or read them a book about visiting the dentist office. Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist is a fun book you can read to your children to set up a positive experience
  3. Brush, floss and eat healthy yourself- Your children will follow in your footsteps. Putting your oral health care as a top priority sets a good example for your children. They want to be just like you! Give them the support they need through a positive role model.
  4. Make visiting the dentist a positive experience – the team at Hog’s Back Dental Centre knows that visits to the dentist can be scary for children. We will always accommodate your family and provide you with a tour of our office when you arrive, and let your child “ride” the dentist chair.
  5. Celebrate their teeth – Teeth growth is a great opportunity to celebrate milestones with your children. If they visit the dentist and have no cavities, they lose a baby tooth, or have an adult tooth grow in, you should take the time to acknowledge their smile.

You should bring your child into Hog’s Back Dental Centre at the first sign of a tooth, or at around their first birthday. They may not need to see a dentist until more teeth grow in, around age 3. They may also need to see a pediatric dental specialist.

Please visit Hog’s Back Dental Centre in Ottawa when you see your child’s first tooth poke through their gums to ensure a healthy start. Request Appointment

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